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Hello 2021!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Where do I begin ?

If I needed one word to describe this past year we just went through, I would say this "UNPRECEDENTED"

ALL OF 2020 was "never before known" or "experienced" before!

The Global Corona Virus Pandemic, the racial injustice protests sparked by the senseless killing of George Floyd; it may have started in the United States but became a Global uprising!

GIANT Killer Hornets? Yes, you read that correctly ! I'm so glad I did not have the pleasure to see one of those things in person, but 2020 had them !

Some have become gurus of the infamous Zoom conference calls and everyone has said this one statement in 2020 " I can't hear you, you're on mute " 😂

And, we made face coverings a fashion statement ! I hope everyone is doing their part!

Now if you're single, living alone, working from home and social distancing? That creates a whole new list of "FIRSTS", and has possibly left you entering 2021 in "Unprecedented" arenas 😉.

However, We are HERE ! 18 Days into 2021! Yes, I know we just witnessed an attempted coup, the impeachment of a President for the 2nd time......

But there's a covid vaccine making it's way around the country, some have become pros at TikTok (you can catch mine here), and most are very optimistic for the year ahead!

I am !

Which brings me to my newest arrivals !! YES HERE COMES SOME FASHION !

Going into 2021, I thought about my past year and here's how I sum it up !


The Sweastshirt Champion Brand ! check it out Here

The Long Sleeve Tee Here

The Short SleeveTee Here

The Journal Here

For 2021 I wanted to share my journal I use, seeing goals in blue and white helps to see the vision ! Late last year I started using a journal keep to me on track! Keeping a journal helps me stay organized and on point with all my many TO DO's! 😉

Always, remember to.... LIVE LOVE PRAY & Repeat ! 😊


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