How to SLAY Thanksgiving !

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Thanksgiving, Oh yes its all about the food and family but it's also about the OUTFIT! Whether you're making your rounds around town, to enjoy a feast with relatives, or hosting dinner at your home, my question to you is ....

What you wearing?😉

1. Living Room Slaying .... You can't go wrong wearing a sweater with jeans or leggings and boots / flats. Comfort is key while feasting!

The Statement Sweater or Tease'em Sweater & Dress both priced less than $40 bucks, will have you slaying and saving $$ ... WINNING!!

2. Hosting your own incredible feast ? The fabulous hostess that you are can Slay in the kitchen, and look chic and stylish once your guest arrive!

❤How about a Sweater Dress ? T-Shirt & Jeans, or a Lounge Wear set?

However you plan to spend Thanksgiving, keep it Fabulous and Slay!


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