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Hello August!

Hey Ladies and Gents! How y'all doing ?

If you're like most people including myself that's a weighted question ?

From Covid-19 , Black Lives Matter protest, losing Kobe Bryant, the orange agent #45 and his entire administration, retail stores shut downs, to bankruptcies, to high unemployment, the list goes on and on ........ So when asked "How you doing? " trust me it's not lost on me.

Well it's August 1st !!! and although the pandemic is not fully behind us, I pray you are well, mentally, financially, and physically !!!

Talking, writing and marketing Fashion was definitely low on the list and I thank you for riding this wave with me !

So let's talk FASHION !!!

Has your wardrobe changed due to Covid ? Have you been on the search for comfy chic clothes ? Stylish and comfort fashions for those zoom work calls? or that outfit for your home BBQ's with your closet and dearest friends & family ? Practicing social distancing but maintaining your fly ? Yes Ladies I'm here for all that !

I've got some new 2 piece ensembles for those comfy days/evenings ... check them out HERE

Let's not forget working out, keeping fit and healthy ! Gyms are closed in most states but we still need to keep those quarantine pounds at bay!!

Those extra pounds that crept up during those months of isolation. If you're like me, working out is not that easy but once I throw on my little cute fit, I'm usually ready to get to work ! 😊 Adding fashion helps to motivate me honestly ! So get a cute workout outfit and rockout !

Need inspiration, some suggestions HERE

Have you checked out my new arrivals ? Dresses , 2 piece skirt and pant sets, and I almost forgot a BATHING SUIT!!! Yes ladies my first swimsuit!

The traveling sista that I strive to be, could not got through my first year in this boutique biz and not add a swimsuit to the collection !! check out my new arrivals HERE

Check out my latest drops, let me know if you're digging it or not. I love to hear from you and I appreciate your business!!!

Love is Love, stay well!

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